An amplifier project FAQ

This page contains questions about an amplifier project from my audience via my youtube channel and some troubleshoot for an amplifier project too. I hope the answers will help everyone who wants to make an audio amplifier too.

parth clancy 
and will it solve ....when I increase volume or there is deep bass! it gets restart (PAM 8610 class d amp board video)

The power amplifier IC in the market usually has an over current protection and over temperature protection and can be working when you play deep bass because of output current too high.


If you love to play loud music you should attach a small heatsink to the amplifier IC and avoid using a speaker that has an impedance lower than the amplifier board's datasheet recommends.
How much capacitor value that good for any amplifier board?

Hifi lover uses 1000 uf for every watt for their amplifier.
However, I found on the internet that Some pioneer power amplifier use 164 uf per watt and Onkyo use 244 uf per watt. Learning from professional amplifier company and find the right value for your amplifier project!!

Note: capacitor voltage value should higher than power supply around 20 % for safety and long life operation
Gregory Chang
I have D-amplifier that whenever I touch the volume knob it produces hum. Will this be helped by a capacitor on power input? aluminum casing? thanks

Answer and solution:

Try ground potentiometer case to the ground and see the result :D (solved!!!)


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