How to improve redmi note 11 pro 5G camera

 How to improve redmi note 11 pro 5G camera. Free and give you the best result.

Redmi note 11 pro 5G is a decent phone, it has a 108 mp camera (Samsung hm2 sensor) but the Picture capture from the stock camera app is full of noise (see below picture)

But you can improve camera quality by just installing Gcam mod from the internet and enjoy the high-quality pictures from redmi note 11 pro 5G. The G-cam mod is working for this phone without root access. You can see the picture comparison below.

As you can see images above the APS-C sensor size(eos m100) camera has more noise but more details and better color but redmi note 11 pro 5G has a smaller sensor size so the Gcam algorithm is superb.

However, the Gcam has its own limit, it can't capture fast-moving object because hdr+ capture several pictures and combine them into one final image. The picture may have low noise but it lost details when captured in a dark environment and it may be the redmi note11 5G not fully compatible with Gcam. see more sample images below.
The daylight picture looks decent so I don't need to use an MLC camera if I don't plan to capture a fast-moving object and zoom picture over 3 times See the samples below.

Video capture from stock camera crop sensor but G-cam capture full width video but original camera can capture by pro mode so video quality from original camera app look better in low light.

Raw file photo catured by open camera (dng) full of noise so you need to avoid it.

For low light capture, gcam picture far better than night mode from original camera

Thank you to developer for camera port, thank you to google for the best camera app and thank you xiaomi for camera a2pi enable by default😁😁😁 but lack 4k capture 1080p 60 fps is a little bit drawback for xiaomi redmi note11 😅pro😅 5G.


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