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How to improve bookshelf loudspeaker sound

 My audience on my youtube channel asked me how to find a crossover network capacitance and inductance so I will make it here The speaker I made crossover network is a microlab b77. The speaker lacked the woofer's crossover network, no absorbent so I fixed it for cleaner sound and changed the tweeter's high pass filter to a better one. Step 1 Change the old capacitor to a metalized polypropylene capacitor (very clean sound). The capacitor value is 4 uf and the speaker is 8 ohms so the crossover frequency =1/6.28x8x4 = 0.004976 x 1,000,000 = 4976 Hz (x1,000,000 come from Farad to microfarad) If you want to find crossover frequency C= 0.1590/(R x F) x 1,000,000 for uf Step 2 Find induction for the woofer. L = .1592 x 4(woofer resistance)/4976(Hz) =1270 micro Henry x1000 = 0.127 mH but I has 0.1 mH so the crossover point may change a little but not much. If you want the complete sound you may find 0.127 mH Speaker crossover diagram. Step3 Add absorbent to the speaker cabinet. The