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Helmet face sheild scratches repair.

This page shows you how to remove scratches from motocycle helmet face sheild. This method works well even the face sheild have so many scratches. The helmet face sheild is easy to has scratches but you don't need to change it because you can remove it by yourself. Normally, the helmet face shield made of plastic and a car polishing wax can remove scratches. However, the polishing wax dissolve some plastic and make it thinner so beware about it. See video below for the instruction and prove.

Simple Temperature Control Fan Speed circuit diagram

Today I will show you how to make a very simple temperature control fan speed circuit. I use very minimal parts and works in real life. This circuit change 12 volts DC fan speed by temperature. The hotter the temp, the faster fan speed. The circuit principle is a voltage divider between T1 and 20 K potentiometer. When temperature increase, the Thermistor resistance decrease and make the voltage set point between T1 and R1 increase until it is higher than a Mosfet Vgs threshold and make a Mosfet change to ON state and conduct current to a fan. Below picture is the parts you need. Note: T1 is 10 K thermistor See the video below that shows how it work and full circuit diagram and the important of C1

Emergency fix camera tripod lever leg lock

This article shows you how to fix a broken camera tripod or monopod lever leg lock. The tripod or monopod quick lever leg lock has many shape and size so this article will help you fix it without paying a very high cost. A camera tripod is a tool that helps photographer shooting a shake-free picture when shutter speed lower than minimum requirement(1/focal length for full frame camera). A tripod has three legs and one leg for a monopod. When you set a camera position, you need to adjust a tripod/monopod leg to your design high and lock the position with the leg lock. You can't adjust a tripod leg if it damage and the leg lock spare part is hard to find so this problem is the main reason that makes me wrote this article for people that face the same problem like me. Everything you need for this DIY Hot glue or epoxy glue Horse clamp Plier See the instruction video below