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How to fix separate zip under 30 second

This post shows you how to fix separate zip, it fast and easy to do and cost 0$. All you need is an alligator plier and 30 seconds!!!See the video below for the method.

How to make an automatic cabinet/ wardrobe light

This project will show you how to make an automatic cabinet/wardrobe light that uses only one battery. This circuit has a very long battery life and easy to install, it does not consume any energy when standby too.All parts you need: 1 x 5 volts led strip 1 x 18650 battery 1 x refrigerator door switch Soldering iron wire hot glue gun screws
18650 battery can supply around 3.7 volts but the 5 volts strip can operate without any problem. This automatic cabinet light doesn't consume any energy when standby because of the switch is just on/off switch that uses metal contact.
Let's see how it works in the video below.

4 life hack you may not know

Hello, today I will show you some life hack and repair that you never known.
The methods time in the video shown below.
0:07 hack empty lighter to work again
0:35 Speaker dust cap repair
1:16 temporary increase smartphone sound volume
1:27 emergency cellphone stand

Cellphone white spot on back body repair

My vivo v9 has the ugly white spot on it. Don't think you can save your phone color by using a back cover, some small particles can enter in a phone case and cause severely scratches or white spot like my vivo v9 phone. However, you can fix it like a car paint repair job.

See video below about how to repair back spot color on your smartphone.