how to take a screenshot on PC

Hello everyone, today I'm going to show you how to take a screenshot on a PC (windows10). The methods are easy and you don't need to install third-party software.

Method 1 | Use Window key + Print Screen

This method is the easiest way to capture screenshot on a PC but you can't adjust anything such as file type, capture area so you need to edit image size and area in photo editor software again.

Window key and Print Screen key

Method 2 | Use snipping tool software (Factory software on Windows 7 to 10)

Sometimes you may don't know that windows 7-10 have a Snipping tool software, you can use the software to capture any content that shows on your computer screen and save it as png, gif or jpeg file. You can also choose an area that you want to capture such as Free-form, Rectangular, window or the whole screen. All you have to do is just click window key + S and type snipping and click the program.

Snipping tool software


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