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how to make condenser microphone pre-amplifier

I saw a comment on my youtube video that he want to connect condenser microphone directly to pam8610 amplifier board. However, if he needs to connect condenser microphone to any amplifier board he must bias and amplify the signal before. Now let's start!!! Condenser microphone need a power supply to bias circuit inside that why we need specific preamplifier for it. You need two electronic component to make condenser microphone to operate  1. 2 to 10 kilo-ohms resistor 2. Capacitor uses to blocking dc current to preamplifier See picture below for better understand. However, an output signal from the microphone is very small and need to amplify with any preamplifier before connecting to amplifier board. Now, let's start making and preamplifier. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Above picture shows how to bias opamp for single power supply (V+ and Ground) R1 and R2 d