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Hall effect sensor wiring diagram and test video

Hall effect sensor switch is a switch that turns on when enough magnetic field near the IC. You can use hall effect sensor to make many Diy projects such as rpm meter, magnet detector, and more project involves with a magnet. Did you know? Hall effect sensor uses in many electric machines, example; when you open washing machine door and the machine stop spinning, or when you open microwave door then it pauses and send beeping sound until you close the door. Hall effect sensor IC in this post is A3144(old component but work well and low cost) Send output low (0 volts) when strong magnetic field near a sensor, that why somebody asked on the internet why his project involves hall effect sensor didn't work. Hall effect sensor wiring diagram. You can see an above image that a load(LED in this picture) connect to positive electrode and output instead output and ground. That's the reason why some projects don't work and will never work because the output low when magn