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3 watts stereo amp board pam8403 sound test with jvc loudspeaker.

PAM 8403 is a class d integrated amplifier that sounds good and energy efficiency. The ic requires only 5 volts for full 3 watts stereo (2 amperes 5 volts power supply need for full power) with 83 % efficiency @ 4 ohms load, so this amp board is good for battery power. This amp board sound good and fast respond but impact not good as pam8610 (high power version 10 watts stereo) but high frequency seem cleaner. Bass respond not tight(maybe my speakers are oversize) The amplifier board work well with 1-metre speaker cable so this amp is very stable and no need big power supply filter capacitor to eliminate hum from a power supply (Bass respond will be better if you add 2200 uf/16 volts electrolytic capacitor parallel to power supply filter. Make sure you connect electrolytic capacitor with correct polarity!!! or ka-boom.  PAM 8403 specification: - 3W Output at 10% THD with a 4Ω Load and 5V Power Supply - Filterless, Low Quiescent Current and Low EMI - Low THD+N - Superio