Hack desktop lamp to USB loudspeaker.

This project started when I want to save space in my desk but don't want to listen music direct from laptop/desktop directly because it's not loud enough and sound poor and don't want to spend much money for news loudspeaker. 

See video tutorial step by step.

List of component:

1 desktop lamp.
2 tda 7052B ic ( you can use pam8403/8406 sound amplifier module too).
3 Volume control.
4 capacitor 0.1 uf x2 and 1000 uf 16 volts electrolytic capacitor
5 10 uf 16 volts for input coupling(Don't believe junk website circuit that cut input coupling capacitor out if you use tda7052B ic, you will make your amp ic overheat and damaged.).
6 old male usb and audio jack(headphones jack is ok)
7 usb adapter or power bank.
8 wires and soldering iron.

TDA 7052 full wiring digram.

Happy your hobby world.


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