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tda 7052B full wiring diagram, easy to understand

I accidentally bought IC TDA 7052b from local electronic store (it should be TDA 7052) . I have been finding circuit diagram in google but seem the circuits not working so I decided to test it in my own way. Finally, I found the best wiring diagram that works, so I think I must share it to help DIY lover like me. TDA 7052B is bridge-tie load amplifier ic, so no need output capacitor coupling (Better bass respond and bass quality) 1.2 w@ 8 ohms load amplifier ic. The chip sound better compare to class d amplifier(pam8403) but less output power. The image below shows how to wiring proper volume control for TDA 7052B In real life, the IC can connect to 4 ohms loudspeaker without any problem. List of component: 1 TDA7052 B 2 100 uf 16 volts electrolytic capacitor(C2) 3 10 uf 16 volts electrolytic capacitor (C3) 4 0.1 uf mks capacitor(C1) potentiometer(volume control) 6 8 ohms 2 watts speaker( I use 4 ohms without problem). 7 DC source 3-18 volts (5 -9 volts recom

How to repair lcd display problem without paying any money.

My multimeter LCD had the annoying big black spot on it. That made me hard to read numbers, so I decided to fix it without paying money because the multimeter cost not high. This method is not cost you at all because the material I used was in my bin. All you need: Time a piece of paper See before and after picture below. Why old LCD display always have black spots? Because when LCD display exposes to sunlight, the moisture is slowly degrading glue that attaches to mirror foil. If you do not keep the multimeter away from moisture or the sunlight the multimeter's LCD display will be worst until you cannot see anything. Below is the video that shows you how to repair the problem completely.