How to fix mouse wheel scrolling problem.

My 3 years old mouse had scrolling problem now it's time to fixed it. The mouse wheel is the part that usually has a problem but you can fix it without spending any money and your mouse will be good again.

If you love DIY or hobby you can make your mouse wheel smooth by remove mouse case and clean mouse wheel and clean led pointer from hair,dust when you use it six months more.

All you need to fix it.
1 screwdriver
2 plier

That's it.

Below is the video that shows the method.

A mouse scroll wheel uses a rotary encoder to read movement and convert it to data that process and send to a computer. When you scrolling a mouse wheel for a long time the electronic component slowly wearing out and has a little gap when the gap large enough your mouse wheel will start jumping and you need to change your mouse to a new one. 

However, you can fix it without paying any money as show on above video and the method works for every mouse model if the rotary encoder not so much wearing out.
I am feeling good to help you save money in your pocket :)


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