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DIY Super bright light reading lamp usb power.

Hello everyone today I'm going to show you how to make super bright light usb power      reading lamp from low cost 12 volts led made in china light bulb. Now you can use your  power bank to supply super bright reading lamp even if power outage. The bulb compatible  with computer usb supply too. Let's get start!!! List of component:   Low cost made in china 12 volts led bulb    IC regulator 7833  First open led bulb case Then find led cathode that print circuit is connect to negative pole directly as show in dark bule  line in picture below and connect  positive wire(pale blue) to led anode.    Solder wire to IC 7833 and bulb as picture below. White wire negative,pale bule positive. Now assemble everything in the bulb and see full demonstration in my video below. Have a good diy time. Bye bye.

How to fix mouse wheel scrolling problem.

My 3 years old mouse had scrolling problem now it's time to fixed it. The mouse wheel is the part that usually has a problem but you can fix it without spending any money and your mouse will be good again. If you love DIY or hobby you can make your mouse wheel smooth by remove mouse case and clean mouse wheel and clean led pointer from hair,dust when you use it six months more. All you need to fix it. 1 screwdriver 2 plier That's it. Below is the video that shows the method. A mouse scroll wheel uses a rotary encoder to read movement and convert it to data that process and send to a computer. When you scrolling a mouse wheel for a long time the electronic component slowly wearing out and has a little gap when the gap large enough your mouse wheel will start jumping and you need to change your mouse to a new one.  However, you can fix it without paying any money as show on above video and the method works for every mouse model if the rotary encoder not so muc

Low volts simple circuit water detector.

Hello everybody, today I'm going to show you how to make simple circuit water detector. The circuit is very easy to build and use minimal component and works very well. How the circuit works. This circuit use transistor to amplifies small current that pass through water to enough current to drive led light without using complex ic. List of component. The circuit is very simple and easy to build. 2 transistor bd 139 2 resistor 10kohms, 100 ohms 1 led 2.4 to 6 volts batteries(usb power compatible). conductive tape. The video below show test circuit and how it's working and circuit diagram Water detector schematic diagram. Water detector wiring diagram.

usb power automatic night light.

Hello, today I'm going to show you how to build easy usb power automatic night light with easy to understand wiring diagram in this video. The circuit consume just .24 mah per hour and can add up to 5 or more leds (five leds are recommend or just change some resistor value and attach heatsink to output transistor). As you can see in this video that I used 4  rechargeable battery and got 4.8 volts, so you can use usb charger as power source too. List of component 2 BD 139 transistors or equivalent transistor 1 100 ohms resistor 1 1000 ohm resistor 1 20,000 ohm resistor 1 photo resistor 1-5 LEDs (the more led the more power consume if you use batteries power souce) wiring diagram: Hope you like it.