Resistor color code

A resistor is the most important electrical component in almost every electronic circuit, it can limit current to any load such as led, transistor, opamp, etc. We must read resistor color code if we want to know the resistive value, tolerance, temperature coefficient. Resistors have different color bands (3,4,5,6) the more color bands the more resistor's information.Now let's start with 3 bands resistor color code.

The above resistor has only 3 bands First digit, Second digit, and multiply. A 3 bands resistor color code has fixed +/-20% tolerance that means if color code value is 1,000 ohms the real life resistive value may be +/- 200 ohms. 
4 band resistor color code

A 4 bands resistor color code has tolerance value color strip, the resistor on an above picture has 5% tolerance. This type of resistor uses in a regular circuit such as television,radio,washing machine.

5 bands resistor color code

A 5 bands resistor color codes have third digit color bands.
1(first digit) 0(second dig…

Low frequency bass test sine wave

Let's test your subwoofer low-frequency respond. Each frequency duration is 3 second long so you can here different clearly. Frequencies start from 1Hz to 300Hz.

You may not hear 1 -10 Hz sine wave frequencies because human hearing limitation but modern amplifier can amplify this low-frequency band, sometimes if you play these low-frequencies loud enough your body can feel it.

You also can not hear 11 - 19 Hz (some golden ears human may hear 18 - 19 Hz) but your room will be shaking if you play these frequencies band loud enough.

20 - 30 Hz frequencies range are audible if you have a big speaker, good headphone or subwoofer, a small speaker may not produce these low frequencies or sound decrease so much but you can feel it when you touch the speaker.

A good desktop external speaker low-frequency cut-off around 80 - 100 Hz but a normal laptop built-in loudspeakers low-frequency cut-off around 150 Hz.

Below video will come in handy when you work out side but forgot your gear or any person who don't own wave generator.



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